Madrid: alternative museums

The Spanish capital offers a wide choice in terms of cultural institutions. Generally, by planning a visit to Madrid, we reserve some time to cover the big museums of international reputation. So we offer some information, for curious and anxious visitors, related to some other museums in Madrid.

National Engravings Museum
Alcala, 13. Free entrance.
During the last 200 years it has gathered an extraordinary set of laminas made by the most significant Spanish artists. Today, it hosts one of the best collections of chalcographic moulds all over the world.

Cerralbo Museum
Ventura Rodríguez, 17
Metro: Plaza de España (L3) and Ventura Rodríguez (L10)
It contains collections of paintings, sculptures, drawings and pictures, ceramics, pieces of jewelry, silverwork, weapons, lamps, clocks, textiles, fans, archaeological objects, numismatics, medalistics and bibliographical funds. At present, it is closed due to reforms.

Typhlological Museum
La Coruña 18
Metro Estrecho
The Typhlological Museum is the first Spanish museum where users can see and touch everything exposed.

Geomining Museum
Ríos Rosas, 23. Free Entrance.
A great minerals collection consisting of more than 10.000 samples, of which 3.500 ones are exposed. A great deal of the collections comes from works made by illustrious personalities of the Spanish Geology and Mining

Museum of Mineralogy
Colmenar Street, km 15,5. Cantoblanco
Building C-VI of the Faculty of Sciences
4th Floor. Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Geology and Geochemistry.
There appears in a simple and very pleasant way the formation, way of crystallization and utility of every mineral, and even some particular properties as the case of the luminescence, some attractive enough aspects to cheer up in order to come here to see and enjoy.

National museum of Artistic Reproductions
Juan de Herrera Avenue, 2
Tel: 91 549 71 50
It was founded by the Spanish government in 1877. Some collections of copies of masterpieces, achieved by means of the “moulding” technique, therefore the reproductions are exactly equal to those famous ones in every simple detail. Temporarily closed.

Royal Tapestry Factory
Fuenterrabía, 2
Tel: 91 434 05 50
Around 300 years preserving the most spectacular carpets, tapestries, and confectioneries. A factory devoted to works of art. Entrance: 4 euros.

African Museum
Arturo Soria, 101. Free entrance.
Tel: 91 415 24 12
Museum of the Combonian Missionaries

Museum of the Suit
Juan de Herrera Avenue, 2. Entrance: 3 euros though it is free on Saturdays from 14.30 hs on and also on Sundays.
Tel: 91 549 71 50
An all-times collection of suits. The name of this museum has been evolving from its origins: Museum of Regional and Historical Suit, Museum of the Spanish People, National Museum of Anthropology

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