Spanish omelette recipe

If you have dreams of going to Madrid, you should definitely try this recipe. Or you can do it yourself. : )

The potato omelet, also known as the Spanish omelet, is one of the most well-known dishes in the Spanish region. Either to the south, north, cardinal or the east, the Spanish omelet is very popular.

We dare to say that, along with the famous paella, the Spanish omelet is the most well-known classic preparation of the Spanish cuisine.

Although there are some variants that usually add other ingredients, this simple recipe is mainly achieved by adding potatoes and eggs.

Most of restaurants and bars of Spain usually have some omelet pinchos (bar snacks) and also it is very common to prepare potato omelet sandwiches.

It is so easy to prepare, we just have to cut the potatoes into slices, then fry them and add some whisked eggs. Once everything is mixed just let it simmer in a frying pan and turn it over till it is ready to serve.

Sometimes people add onion to make it even better, as well as some other ingredients such as red or green pepper, but these can be added according to anyone’s taste.

If you have different suggestions about omletle, I will be happy if you write to the comments section.

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