18 beautiful works at the PRADO MUSEUM

The Museo del Prado Museum, the Prado Museum is one of the largest museums in Europe. You can get tired while traveling because it is very big. If you confirm your ticket at the box office before the check-out, you can enter it again. So you can relax in the cafes in front of the museum when you are tired. Since the museum is very big, I have mentioned some of the works here. The names of the works are written in English in the museum so I wrote this way.

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1. BOSCH– The Garden of Earthly Delights

2. DÜRER– Adam and Eve

3. TINTORETTO– Christ Washing the Disciples’ Feet

4. VELAZQUEZ– Las Meninas

5. RUBENS– The Three Graces

6. GOYA– The Naked Maja

7. GOYA– Saturn devouring his Child

8. EL GRECO– Knight with his hand on his Chest

9. EL GRECO- The Holy Trinity

10. FRA ANGELICO– The Annunciation
VAN DER WEYDEN– Descent from the Cross

12. MANTEGNA– The Death of the Virgin

13. TITIAN (TIZIANO) – Danae and the Shower of Gold

15. RIBERA– Jacob’s Dream

16. RAPHAEL– The Cardinal

17. REMBRANDT- Judith at the banquet of Holofernes 

18. MURILLO- The Inmaculate Conception

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